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Series of illustrations "Castles in the air"
personal project

This project starts from the sentence "building castles in the air". It is, in the common sense, a sentence related to a difficult and improbable project that probably never will be realized.

I start playing with this concept imagining true and improbable castles of children related to elements of the castles of tales, where kids of different age and provenience take part to the common project of build something together.
Towers, knights, dragons, treasures and secrets become real.

It is not important if sometimes (or often), they are impossible, unstable, absurd.. the only important thing is to share a dream, an idea. When ideas are shares they become huge and precious and is the experience the only compensation.

03_Stampe Castelli in aria_det02.jpeg
01_Calendario Castelli in aria.jpeg
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